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Anjella, from Tanzania, got a chance to meet Harmonize in Konde Gang HQ.

This all was after the trending Wapo hitmaker asked his fans to suggest a female artist whom they would like to feature in his new song and that's when they told him Anjella could be the best option.

Harmonize thereafter went and sent her DM on Instagram and praised her due to what she is doing and asked her whether it could be possible for him to work with her.

Anjella by surprise could not believe that it's Harmonize whom she was communicating with and went on praising the name of the Lord God believing that it's by His Grace.

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Konde Boy made it clear when they met at the Konde Music record label that he got himself tempted to work with her after he listened to some of her songs she did before and saw how talented she is. This made him feel it will be good for him to work with her. The sweet vocalist was accompanied by his father who said would not like to see her daughter taken advantage of like it had happened some time back.

She might be the first female signing under the Konde recording labels if the management feels she's capable of it as it is one of Africa's big recording labels so far. Harmonize said this to Anjella inability is not a disability you are talented so it will be good if you make use of your talent and thereafter if there is any problem hindering you it will be easy for you to overcome it.

Also, he told her that it does not mean that because I have called you here from the word go am going to cater to all your needs first it’s work then the rest will follow. But also by working with her Konde Boy said that the collaboration might create high chances for her and make her dreams come through.

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