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B Classic Breaks Through Music Industry In Kenya After Ft Sanaipei Tande

 Alias an artist from Taita Taveta county who has been going through a hard time so as to push his music and at the same time to create a fan base now gets to penetrate through to Kenyan music industry.

B Classic whose latest song (Nakuja) which he did with Sanaipei Tande a female artist from the coastal part of Kenya and also has been in the game for a long time has been received by the fans in a positive way.

    Photo Courtesy of B.Classic IG

While he was interviewed in one of the Kenyan Radio Station he revealed that he didn't ask for collaboration with Sanaa who was at TenOverTen together with Nadia Mukami which is hosted by Willis Raburu of Royal Media when they went to introduce their track (Wangu).

B Classic who does the bongo type of music openly said he is under the Champion recording label for a contract of 5 years.

According to him clearly said that he is happy to work with Shanta(Top layer) who he has been working with for a long and asked him to join the Champion recording label by which was gifted to them by their boss Kevoo who stays in the United States so as to help them reach their fans and achieve their goals.

"It's all about the music at the moment," B Classic said after he was asked about his relationship with Gigi Money from Tanzania who also does music and she is famous in other words.

This is for you my fans and I am here to entertain you, all I want is your support and expect more from me and from Champion Records as I have got   


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